La Bella Vita

"La bella vita"


"The good life" or "The beautiful life".

We live the beautiful life here in Sydney, Australia, and on a recent sunny, Saturday afternoon, my friend Lois (@loisvega -- new website coming soon!) and I forewent the beach for once in order to snap some film photographs of the lovely Bella, blogger and model extraordinaire ( at her home in Maroubra.

Mostly drawing from my own wardrobe (and a few caps borrowed from male relatives), it was lovely to see how some of the feminine pieces I've recently accumulated (as well as my ever-growing hat collection) translated when mixed with Bella's more ecclectic, clean style as well as her exotic looks.

There is something so decadent and at once feminine about dressing up to laze about in one's own home. Whether it be in the confines of a bedroom--sunlight pouring through an open window; the courtyard of a garden; or resting on a borrowed skateboard, watching the sleepy suburban neighbourhood pass you by.

It's a firm belief of mine that the modern woman doesn't have to sacrifice glamour for comfort, or femininity for "cool" factor. We are more adept than ever at throwing together high street and low streets looks, and toughening up or dressing down girlish dresses or bodysuits with a well-chosen shoe or cap. Bella embodies this ability in her own daily style, which is one of the reasons it was such a pleasure to dress her.

I'd been dying to shoot my vintage black dress (picked up at Mirth Vintage, Greenpoint, BK) for ages, and I knew she would look great in it. Meanwhile, Lois was on hand, not only to capture the moment with her film camera, but also to help style - adding a chair here, a piece of jewellery there and toughening up looks such as Bella's beautiful Elle Macpherson lingerie by requesting the addition of a bomber (and some sass).

Wearing: Kimono and Rings, Model's own. Artwork by   Leanne Thomas  .

Wearing: Kimono and Rings, Model's own. Artwork by Leanne Thomas.